RIP Windows XP

Windows-XP-LogoOld news, but after April 8th, 2014 Microsoft is done with Windows XP (and Office 2003). Read what Microsoft has to say about retiring them here…

It’s no secret that XP is possibly the least secure Operating System currently in use, and from what I understand the “Bad Guys” are just waiting to pounce.

Please, if you are still using XP, and you value the data stored on that computer; consider unplugging it from the Internet after April 8th and getting yourself a new computer. It’s probably time.

Do You Know Your Data Is Safe?

I just heard about a local business that might lose the ability to accept credit cards because cardholder data had been stolen from their Point Of Sale (POS) System.

According to an associate close to the situation; the business had granted the vendor of their POS System remote access to the System via an insecure protocolAT THE VENDOR’S GUIDANCE!

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is a difficult undertaking for a small business, but just by following PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) Requirement #1 “Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data, this business could possibly have avoided a security breach and the predicament in which the business owners now find themselves.

Perhaps your business does not need to be PCI compliant, but do you know your data is safe? Do you have a Secure Network?

If you don’t know, please consider Contacting Me.